Apocalypse: They want to destroy the Earth?

Apocalypse: They want to destroy the Earth?

Die Welt in Händen der monotheistischen Weltverschwörung? - Ein toter Gefängnisplanet.

The world in the hands of the monotheist world conspiracy ? – A dead prison planet. (Nostradmus Illustradion from the 16. century, the only numbers build 9 and 11)

Relevant is, that all christian-jewish prophecy has something in common. Apocalypse. World End, that they destroy the Earth and wipe out all beings. If the vatican / end timers is so accurate with a prophecy and hypnotically repeats it like the apocalypse, then they will also try to realize it. To erase all life from Earth… It is in all their prophetic literature and seems to be very important to them. Revelation, Nostradmus, Thora, it would mean a big loss of power if they couldn’t realize it. Ergo plans the biggest mundane power intentionally the end of all life on Earth.

cen-tr-vie, sens-terre-vie, ohne erde leben oder erde ohne leben. Überschrift jeder Seite der Verse in den Originalen.

cen-tr-vie, sens-terre-vie, without Earth living or Earth without life. Title of each page in the originals.

And who is standing brave at their side? Our ‘elected’ elite! The military-industrial complex of the USA and allies, the Nato, a group of corrupt politicians and elitists, secret orders, secret services, secret secret services and secret armies like Gladio, of which not even the presidents have knowledge, institutions, organizations also in the private economy. NGOs, even green and socially engaged organization, that will place be behind any ‘ment good’ message a monotheistic one. Not least the organized crime like the italian Mafia, that is tighly in symbiosis with the vatican since its establishment. The USA encounter a wave of christian fundamentalism since Bush and 9/11. In old fashioned crusade manner they attack all even the most peaceful moslem countries, and they have the best technology and the strongest military complex. Since the dead of the Kennedies it is very clear to anyone who is governing the USA, a shadow government that is controlled by the secret services and the monotheistic world mafia. The monotheist mafia delegated by the pope is the by far wealthiest party on the planet. The increase of power through the faked prophecy over the thousands of years was so big, the mind control and faked prophecy works so good on the people, that we are confronted today with the most gigantic conspiracy ever. Justifiably so the mother of conspiracies, the mother of all Mafia. The cabalists have already done false flag attacks while the word conspiracy didnt even exist. That is shown through their timetable of and prophecies of the thora 2500 years ago. This is shown in dept by Wolfgang Eggerts “Erst Manhatten, dann Berlin”.

Der Dreibein-Code ist ein vatikanischer Geheimcode zur Verschlüsselung.

The triad code is a vatican ‘secret code’ for codification. With it the verses become even more undefinitely and you can really affiliate everything, but what was done with the title is shocking.


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