The greatest Danger of previous Mankind

The Earth! Der Planet genannt ErdeHerself she comes up other helpers

Earth from the sea eagerly greens

falls the mighty river splashes warming over

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Please take short time , this concerns anybody. Please dont go around the responsibilty. Sadly no complete video exists, but this and this. The document gets updated. Version of the 11. 3. 2013

According to a 2002 poll, 59% of Americans believe that the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are destined to happen. These End-Timers have powerful political friends in the White House and their opponents believe that they’re actively trying to make sure that these events actually happen. (Destruction of the Earth, “End of Times”)

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"Gering beeinflusste, naturnahe Wildnis-Landschaften" = alle Farbflächen, die NICHT rot dargestellt sind "Nahezu unbeeinflusste Kernwildnis" = grau umrandete Bereiche innerhalb der vorgenannten Flächen Klicken Sie auf diesen Link, um eine große Ansicht der Karte mit gleichzeitig sichtbarer Legende zu erhalten:

“Less impacted, naturenear wilderness landscape ” = all colorfields, that are NOT red displayed “Almost untouched core-wilderness ” = grey bordered areas inside the aforementoined areasPlease use this link to see a big view . 

These are the two only documentations available on the issue of the prophecy conspiracy, monotheist complex and prophecy.

There is a mass genocide going on on the Earth and it is caused by mono-cultures, mono-theism. Three Species are dying every hour out trough humanity. Only allowing one of a kind. Only allowing one species, mono-cultures, the ‘supreme’ species. This is coming directly from monotheism where only one god is allowed. Only one feeling allowed, call it love. Everything else gets eradicated forever and the people accept it because of 2000 years of indoctrination by force. Get indoctrinated or die. Christianity, monotheism, intolerance of religion and other beliefs. The problem is once they took the step and started the wheel of violence, by not tolerating for no reason, by fighting against all folks and religion, the only way to defend is to become intolerant yourself. If you in a situation where you are not tolerated, tolerate the discrimination you subscribe your own extermination. The only way to turn back the wheel of aggression and intolerance is by removing the aggressive and intolerant source. Monotheism is the core idea of intolerance the moment where all started. Not tolerating and exterminating species, for no reason just because feeling yourself ‘superior’. This is too much sadistic and sick megalomaniac to come with a doctrine of ‘supremacy’ and then just not allow any other species to live than their own… Humanity. Corrupted by monotheism. This is very simple to understand and nothing but the truth. After this arguments, any person or what ever trying to talk it beautiful or shift any GUILT. You know they are absolutely corrupt, left and right-wing, jesuits, theologists and what they are doing, you know after this lecture, is trying to kill the Earth. And that must be stopped and turned into contrary as fast as possible. Every thing has the right to exist, but if something just starts to kill and destroy everything else, its wiser to remove it in order to maintain the existance and the interests of all the others.

Christians and monotheists destroy since 2000 years any nature religion and were not brought to justice at any time.
This document will serve as cardinal point to prove with a chain of indications, evidences and conclusions that the one world party, monotheists and supremacists is wiping out purposely and planned the whole ecosystem of Earth. This must be avoided under any circumstances. the destructive exploitation musst be stopped and turned into contrary immediately and the corrupt structures must be broken up completely.

The greatest Danger of previous Mankind

Unmittelbar nach dem 9/11 in den Massenmedien(!) veröffentlicht, dieses Bild aus einem angeblich "verschollenen" und extra für die Events (1994) freigegebenen Nostradamus-Buch. Vielen Dank fürs freigeben, Vatikan, habts sicher nicht manipuliert? Natürlich nicht...

(in engl. vatican performed terror attack; vatican forged 7 year old ‘nostradamus fortelling’). Immediately after the 9/11 published in the massmedia(!), this image of a supposedly swollen and designely before the events (1994) released ‘Nostradamus’ book. Thank you very much for the releasing vatican, did not manipulate it? Of course not… 

Monotheistic prophecy, oh what a big miracle. To make foretellings and then take care of yourself that it happens. Thats the most ill sleight of hand. But exactly for this the humans fall since more than 500 years. Prophecies are made public, you are telling you are the great fortune teller and would decree on extraordinary abilities, then you take care that your foretellings are conversed (with money), for example through murder (at best on a political enemy), terror, false flag attacks or other inscenation, to be celebrated then by the people because you would be able to see into the future . In fact it is only a criminal network of the most wealthy and powerful party, monotheism and christianity. This game is played by christianity and judaism on worldpolitical layer since thousands of years by a conspiratorial elitarian circle around the vatican and monotheist and supremacist sects.


The doctrine or belief that there is only one god


1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
2. A group of conspirators.
3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
4. A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: a conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas. Quelle:

Monotheism –„maybe the biggest threat of previous mankind“ (F. Nietzsche).

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